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About Us


Contemporary life and societies throughout the world are increasingly pluralistic, presenting us with the opportunity and need to learn about different faiths.


The Inter-Faith Alliance located in El Paso, Texas, earnestly seeks to:

  • Understand and cope with the reality of religious pluralism,

  • Explore its theological challenges and prospects, and

  • Meet with religious neighbors in dialogue to work for a common and peaceful future. 


This will enable us to further discern the spiritual values and cultural practices present in different religions.




The Alliance promotes interreligious scholarship and exchange in religion, theology and related programs.  It seeks to facilitate the academic study and communal practice of interreligious dialogue.  It will undertake the tasks of providing opportunities and resources for gaining greater understanding of various religious traditions and for meeting in dialogue with representatives of other varied faith communities.


  • Monthly meetings of regional clergy and religious leaders to learn from each other and to foster additional Alliance activities – not a time for proselytizing or conversion activities but rather occasions for respectful teaching and learning.

  • Venues for academic exchange and promotion of comparative study on theoretical and theological issues related to interreligious encounter, such as seminars, workshops, and visiting professorships.

  • Opportunities for faith community members and faith leaders to receive training in the pastoral aspects of interreligious encounter.                     

  • Events to foster interreligious dialogue with representatives of other faiths.

  • Advocacy for the needs of the poor and suffering from the perspective of our faiths’ justice and peace teachings and border realities.

  • Worship opportunities bringing together peoples from our various faith traditions for prayer and worship.

  • Fellowship by sharing a meal and other special holy days.

  • Retreats for our communities to gather in reflection, study, prayer, sharing to form a more respectful acceptance of religious pluralism in our community.

  • Regional annual conference and celebration of our InterFaith Alliance.

  • Travel to places where faith traditions originated, as well as faith-related immersion experiences

The Alliance will strive to equip persons of faith to understand their neighbors in the religious community, work productively together with them, and formulate a theology that will provide guidance in assimilating the fact of religious pluralism into religious thought and practice.

Our Vision

Mission Statement

Accomplishing These Goals Together

Activities and Programs

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